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Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland -

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  • 05/19/11--19:54: The Slings and Arrows
  • Author: silent_remains

    Fandom:  Alice in Wonderland (2010)
    Rating:  PG--for extreme angst and hurt/comfort
    Warnings: MAlice 
    Notes: None to think of--but malice, malice, malice.
    Summary: Alice is surprised when her friends from Underland begin showing up at her home.

    the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune...

    The skies—dark, gloomy—seemed to roll like the passing of choppy waves.  Unusual weather for a less than usual spring, it was disquieting, bringing with it a perplexing melancholy.  Alice looked up from her work in her garden and watched the storm clouds pass, they disturbed her, brought the wisps of a memory, one that lie just below the surface.
    “Well, if it isn’t Alice.”
    Alice sat back on her heels, her mouth agape.  “McTwisp?”
    She couldn’t remember how long it had been since she had thought of the rabbit, let alone see him.  The trading trip to China had taken a year and a half, and she couldn’t remember how much time had passed since her return—months, possibly years.
    “What are you doing here?  Is Underland all right?”  Underland?  She hesitated a bit, at a momentary lapse in memory. Where were the reminiscences, the sweet thoughts of a once magical land?  Wasn’t it once her Wonderland?
    “Never mind about us, Alice.  I have come to simply see if you are all right.  Is there anything I can help you with?”
    Nothing came to mind, or heart.  “I don’t know.  I can’t remember what I did yesterday. If I did anything at all.”  A small pang touched her heart.
    The rabbit noticed.  “Yes?  What exactly do you remember, Alice?”
    “Well…” A brief flare of an unnamable grief struck her, but she brushed it aside. Alice sat back and thought about it, and vaguely remembered something about tea. “Tea…yes…I seem to remember something about tea.  Would you join me for tea, Nivens?”
    “Yes, a fine cup of tea would be wonderful at the moment.”
    “Will you join me in the veranda?”
    The rabbit hopped next to Alice.  “You have a lovely home, Alice.”
    “It’s a nice cottage.  Maybe a little too big for one person.”
    “Nasty weather, don’t you think?”
    Alice looked up into the clouds again, and her heart once more troubled her.  “A bit queer if you ask me.”
    McTwisp sipped from his cup.  “Do you remember coming back from China?”
    The blonde put her cup down.  “I don’t remember telling you that I went to China.”
    “Nonsense, dear girl.  Who else could have told me?”
    Alice sipped her tea.  “Must be, then.”

    A few days after the surprising visit, Alice sat in her parlor, reading a particularly uninteresting page from The London Journal, when a knock on her door startled her. “Will you get the door, Beatrice?”
    The knock came again, and still nothing.  “Beatrice?”
    Alice tossed the paper aside and got up, annoyed at the lack of good help, very much unlike when her parents were still alive.  She grabbed the handle.  “Yes?”
    “A pleasant evening to you, dear Alice.”
    A shocked Alice stood with mouth agape, once more.  “Hatter?”
    “Oh, no, no, my girl.  Haven’t been a hatter for years.  You can call me by me given name, Tarrant.”  The hatter bowed before being swept into his best friend’s arms.
    “How are you?  Oh, my, it’s been a long while, my friend.  Please, please come in.”  Alice stood aside and let Tarrant in.  She took his coat and hung it in the closet.  Alice turned, and for the first time, noticed the man in front of her.  “You’ve changed.”
    If indeed miracles did happen, they had happened for Tarrant.  His eyes no longer shone with the madness she was used to seeing.  They were the deepest brown and bore a deep, dignified look.  His wild orange hair was gone and replaced with a cut that reminded her of what Hamish used to look like.
    “Time does heal all wounds, don’t you think, Alice?”
    Alice beamed.  “Of course, of course.  I’m so glad to see you!”  But just as easily as it came, her smile vanished.
    Tarrant fumbled with his hat.  “Are you all right, Alice?”
    Her mouth twitched, as a memory struggled to rise to the surface.  “I don’t know.  I seem to think that there is something that I’ve forgotten.”
    The former hatter nodded.  “Something important, maybe?”
    Alice shook her head.  “I still don’t know.  Mustn’t be important, maybe.  Now look at what a poor hostess I am.  Would you like a cup of tea, Hatter?”
    Tarrant wrapped an arm around her shoulders and led Alice into her kitchen, seeming to know, by instinct, where the room was.  “Now, my love, tell me all about your exploits in China?”
    Alice turned at looked at the man.  “I don’t remember telling you that?”
    The hatter took down teacups from the cupboard.  “Tell me what?”
    “That I went to China.  Never mind.  Shall we take our tea to the sitting room?”
    “No, no.  It’s a wonderful night.  I think we ought to the veranda, don’t you think?”
    “Oh, yes.”
    Tarrant sipped his tea and sat back in the chair.  “The clouds have come back.”
    Alice looked and noticed the ghostly clouds roll on over the horizon.  “That’s odd, wasn’t cloudy at all this morning.”  There was something in the passing clouds that begged Alice to be remembered, but remained elusive.
    The former hatter waved his hand in front of him.   “I felt ye pass by, you no good…”
    The Cheshire cat floated past Tarrant.  “I was wondering how long it would take.”
    Alice nearly spilled her tea.  “Chessur?”
    The cat floated up to her and swiped his tail over her head.  “It’s me, love.  How’s the arm?”
    The blonde felt a twinge in her upper right arm and looked at it.  The scars seemed much more pronounced at this moment than they did yesterday.  Alice frowned.  “That’s odd.  This hasn’t bothered me in years.”
    The cat quickly glanced at Tarrant.  “Pay it no heed, love.  Come now, I should very much like a cup of tea.”
    Alice poured another for the wily cat and sat back in her own seat.  “This is so lovely, I had no hopes of ever seeing you again.”
    Tarrant looked surprised.  “Why is that, Alice?”
    The blonde shook her head slowly.  “Well, I don’t know.  I feel like I’ve been living in this cottage forever without any company.”
    Chessur stirred his cup.  “Forever is such a long time, isn’t it, love?”
    Alice smiled.  “Yes, it is.”

    Alice received her guests for a few more hours before taking her leave from them.  But that was two weeks prior, and now Alice stood before her mirror, brushing her hair.  She put her brush down and gazed at her reflection.  For the life of her she could not remember her age.  But it must not be an elderly age because her cheeks remained pink and there were no gray streaks in her hair.  If she didn’t know better, she could have said she was in the prime of her life—hanging on to her youth.  
    “Don’t worry, Alice, your just having a bad day.”  She berated herself for silly thoughts and went downstairs to tend to her garden.  
    It was just past midday when Alice looked up and noticed the gray clouds, once again, shrieking across the sky.  They troubled her, much like a bad dream, or a nightmare, and she could not shake the thought that there was something terribly wrong.
    The blonde whirled at the small voice.  “Who’s there?”
    “Down here, love.”
    Alice looked down and saw Mallymkun striding up to her, a huge grin on her small face.  She knelt down and placed her hand on the rich earth, inviting the little mouse to her.  
    Mally ran up Alice’s arm to her shoulder.  “Oh, Alice, its so good to see you.”
    Alice turned her head to the mouse and then sat back on her heels.  “You too, little one.  I’m sure a popular one, aren’t I?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Well, first Nivens then Chess and the Hatter.  Is everyone in Wonderland coming to see me?”  Alice looked down at her hands and frowned.  Wonderland… everyone… someone… her… Alice closed her eyes and tried to grasp at whatever was eluding her.  There was something, on the periphery of her thoughts—on the fringe of reality, really—that she could not quite hang on to.
    But the moment was gone just as suddenly as it arose, and she felt herself again.  “Come, little one, and have a cup of tea.”
    Alice visited with Mally for most of the day before bidding her good night.  The dormouse turned down Alice’s offer of a bed for the night and left rather abruptly, without a promise to visit again.

    But that was a month ago.  Alice put down her cup quite suddenly and trembled.  Without looking, she knew that the gray clouds had come back, and she was loath to go outside and tend to her garden.  In fact, the idea of tending to her garden caused her to feel wary, like one does just before an illness strikes.  She was startled when a rather delicate knock at the door forced her out of her thoughts.
    Alice opened the door and froze, her heart clenched, and a hand on her lips.  “Oh, my Lord.”
    The White Queen smiled, and then curtsied.  “Hello, my sweet Alice.”
    Time stopped, and the reality of Mirana on her doorstep slammed into her like a mighty clap of thunder.  Without realizing it, she fell to her knees.  “Mirana?”
    The Queen dropped to her knees in front of Alice and took her hands into her own.  “Yes, it is I, dear Alice.  I have come to see you at last.”
    And whatever sanity Alice had hung onto fragmented, and she fell onto the older woman, wrapping her arms around her, and sobbed.  “I’ve missed you so much, my…oh, Mirana!”
    The White Queen held onto the girl, and rode out her grief as if it was her own.  “It’s okay, now, my love.  I have come, at last.  You don’t need to grieve anymore, its over now.”
    Alice clung onto the White Queen until her sobs quieted, and she could finally look up to her beloved.  “Where have you been?”
    Mirana pulled out a handkerchief from her dress pocket and dried Alice’s tears.  “It doesn’t matter, now, Alice, its over.”
    Alice hiccupped.  “What’s over?”
    The monarch easily brought both of them to their feet, and continued to run her hand down Alice’s back.  “Would you like to go for a walk with me, Alice?”
    Alice hesitated.  “But… everyone will see you.  And the clouds…”
    Mirana caressed the blonde’s cheek.  “Is there something wrong with the clouds?”
    “They scare me.”
    “I promise never to let go of your hand.  Will that make a difference?”
    Alice smiled and took hold of her beloved’s hand.  “Yes, it will.  Thank you.”
    Mirana opened the door and led Alice out of her house, taking her hand as they strolled down the street.
    Alice, feeling a bit self-aware, noticed that no one paid any attention to them as they strolled, hand in hand, down one of London’s streets.  “I don’t understand.  No one is paying any attention to you, my Queen.”
    The monarch smiled.  “And why should they, Alice?”
    “Well, you are dressed a bit different than everyone else.”
    “So are you.”
    Alice looked down and noticed for the first time that she no longer wore the clothes of an old maid, but the armor of Underland, instead.  She stopped, and looked incredulously at the older woman.  “What is happening, Mirana?  What’s going on?”
    “Just a little bit further, Alice, and everything will make sense.”
    The blonde refused to move, and a touch of fear stole over her.  “I think I’d rather like to go home, now.”
    Mirana took her hand once again.  “Please, Alice.  I’m asking you to trust me, just one more time.”
    Alice now frowned openly.  “What do you mean by that?”
    The White Queen drew Alice to her and softly kissed her on her lips.  The kiss lingered, and both women moaned somewhat at the contact.  Mirana finally tore her lips from her Champion’s, and rested her forehead on the girl’s.  “Everything is going to be all right, I promise you.”
    Alice nodded, and once more, too, grasped Mirana’s hand in her own.  But this time, her eyes stayed on the White Queen as they made their way down the street.  And she did not look away from her Queen as Mirana rounded a corner and led them into that cold place, with its many pieces of stone sticking out of the ground.
    The White Queen turned and faced Alice.  “Will you look down at the same time I do, my love?”
    Alice could only nod, and followed as Mirana’s eyes fell onto a certain piece of cold stone.  For some reason, her name was on the stone, along with dates that made no sense to her.  She looked up to her beloved.  “When?”  It was a whisper.
    The White Queen placed an arm around Alice’s waist.  “In China, my love.  You never came back.”
    Alice froze.  “No…”
    Mirana held her tighter.  “I waited for you for an eternity, until the walls of Marmoreal fell into ruin, and the memories faded, and the mountains withered into the earth.”
    Alice fell onto her knees, bringing Mirana with her.   “This is not right… how…”
    “I do not know the details, Alice.  Only that your sister had your body sent here for burial.”
    “How can I touch you if I’m dead!”
    Mirana gently ran her hand down her Champion’s cheek.  “Oh, Alice…”
    The truth slowly percolated into Alice’s being, and she sobbed.  “No, no…”
    “Yes, Alice, we are dead, all of us—Tarrant, Mally, the Tweedles—everyone has gone to the hereafter.  Except you.”
    “If there are self-made purgatories—and there must be—you’ve been hiding away from death, Alice, and I can no longer bear to be without you.  That’s why I sent them, to find out why you continued to linger when you should have been with me.”
    Alice struggled to understand.  “My house?”
    “Not real, Alice, you sent yourself to a place you knew you would eventually hate.”
    Alice nodded, and after an eternity, or so it seemed, felt a veil of certitude wash over her.  She was lifted from herself into another reality, one that was not bound by life’s vicissitudes and worries, into a place where there was no pain, no doubt and devoid of fear.

    And a Champion rode on, carried by a trusty steed into the hills of Underland where a White Queen was waiting…

    And Alice dismounted, resplendent in her armor—shield at her back, sword at her side—and strode with confidence to the woman in white.  Alice stopped just short of Mirana and bowed with a flourish.  

    She grinned.  “My Queen.”

    Mirana wrapped her arms around the younger woman’s neck, and then kissed her.  “My Champion.”

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    Author: silent_remains

    Fandom:  Alice in Wonderland (2010)
    Rating:  NC-17
    Warnings: MAlice abounds; the wish fulfillment of a sexual nature.
    Notes: None to think of--but malice, malice, malice.
    Summary: Mirana stumbles upon a secret fantasy of Alice's and decides to fulfill it.

    for orphan_of_oz... because you asked so sweetly...
    Marmoreal was always a place of awe, even when the far-reaching tendrils of evil snaked the lands of Underland; the Red Queen held all in a tight grip.  So all that was virtuous gravitated to its sacred walls, drawn by the goodness that dwelt there.  And when an act of pure goodness and righteousness finally struck down the vermis mali, Underland itself was finally emancipated and pure.  Blessed waters, from springs deep within its mountains, ran over the fields and valleys, ridding the land of all its filth and malevolence.  And a White Queen, beloved of her people, caretaker of everything that is good, let her heart run free, and found love waiting for her, in the most unlikely of persons—Alice Kingsleigh, a young woman from a different world, a land far Above, full of innocence and virtue, with a heart destined to love a woman—Mirana of Marmoreal---from a land far Below.
    Alice Kingsleigh—Champion of Marmoreal, lover of a White Queen--leaned against the doorframe and watched as Mirana leafed through a pile of documents on her desk.  There was much work to be done, but Alice was in no mood for labor of any kind.  The warm spring night beckoned to her like a siren call.  The fragrance of night blooming jasmine filled the air, and the cricket’s song was so alluring. She felt as if she could capture the moon, and light up the nearby dark lake with its luminosity. 
    She loved these candid moments with her Queen, when no one else was around, when she could watch her beloved without the fear of being interrupted.  
    “I have the book you couldn’t find.”
    The White Queen looked up and smiled.  “That was quick.  Where was it?”
    “On your night table.”  Alice smirked.  She chuckled when the Queen burped after sipping her tea.  “Are you sure you need to do this tonight?”
    Mirana sat back in her seat.  “Well, if a certain person didn’t keep me—occupied—this afternoon, I could have done all this business sooner.”
    “You love it when I occupy you, especially when I do it so deeply.”
    The White Queen blushed and her hand jerked, spilling her tea.  “Well, yes, I must admit that I do.”
    Alice walked around the desk and kneeled before her Queen.  “Please?”  She put the book on the desk and then ran her fingers around Mirana’s waist, pulling the older woman to her.  She whispered in her ear.  “I want to make love with you by the lake.”
    The White Queen shivered, and placed her hands on Alice’s shoulders.  “Oh, you are so cruel, my love.”
    The younger woman pouted.  “No, I’m not.  I’m just so terribly in love with you that sometimes…sometimes, well…”
    Mirana could tell there was something troubling her young Champion.  “What is it, dear one?”
    Alice looked down.  “I think there is something wrong with me.”
    Now, the White Queen was worried. She placed her hand on Alice’s forehead, checking for fever.  “Are you ill? What is wrong, Alice?”
    “It can’t be normal.”
    “What can’t be normal?”
    Alice took hold of Mirana’s shoulders and looked at her directly in the eyes.  “I want you all the time, Mirana.  I feel like I just can’t get enough of you.  We make love and then I want you all over again!  Sometimes I have to stop just because I know you can’t take any more!”
    Mirana wrapped her arms around the young woman.  “Is that all, my love?  There is nothing wrong with you, Alice.  You are in love—probably for the first time—and you just want to express your joy.”
    Alice buried her face in her lover’s hair.  “If that is joy then I’ve been miserable all my life.”
    The White Queen laughed.  “Oh, my Alice, you are so young and sweet.  I think I love you more with each passing day.”  She let her fingers run down the young woman’s cheek.  “Will you do me a favor?”
    “Will you return this book to the library?”  She picked up the book that Alice had tossed on her desk.
    Alice smiled sweetly.  “Are you sure you don’t want to?”
    Mirana turned the young woman toward the door.  “You are incorrigible.”

    Alice wandered down the hall that would lead her to the library, taking her time, her thoughts lost on other things, and on one person in particular.  So lost in thought was she that, as she rounded a corner, she almost stepped onto McTwisp, who was turning the corner at the same time.
    “Oh, I’m sorry, Nivens.  All you all right?”
    The rabbit backed up into the wall.  “Don’t…don’t scare me like that, Alice.”
    “It wasn’t intentional.”
    “Can I help you, Alice?”  McTwisp pretended to straighten out his waistcoat, his tone betraying his annoyance.
    “Do you know which door leads to the library?”
    “Which one?”
    “How many libraries are there?”
    “No, no, no… which door do you need?”  Nivens was flustered.
    “I don’t know.”
    The rabbit hopped away.  “I think it’s the one second to left—or right, not quite sure.”  
    Alice called after the furry creature.  “What do mean second left or right?”  But Nivens was already gone.  She looked down the hall but could not understand which one the rabbit was referring to, so she chose a random door and opened it.
    The door opened into a rather small room, the walls of which were lined with wooden bookshelves and filled with dusty books.  Alice thought that she might be in one of the many antechambers that lined the walls of Marmoreal’s library, one that apparently had not been used in a while.  Her footfalls scraped dust off the marble floor and left clear footprints.  After a few moments she realized that the books themselves were creating the light in the room, as they appeared to be glowing a soft, muted light.
    The young woman placed the book she was carrying on a nearby table. Alice took a book from a shelf and then abruptly sneezed, the book was so dusty that she almost put it down.  “What is…” When she placed it on a table it glowed even more, and when she opened it, it came to life.
    Alice gasped, the images on the pages in the book flew past in vivid colors, and they were the most detailed sexual images she could have imagined.  She yelped and staggered backwards, unused to seeing such graphic images played out before her.  But the more she backed up the less defined the moving pictures were, until they faded completely.
    The young woman felt her mouth twitch, and an all too familiar ache between her legs.  She took a few steps forward, and the moving pictures began to reappear on the pages.  “Alice, what are you doing?”
    The question to herself rhetorical, as she already knew she wanted to see more.  Alice stepped up to the book again, and the images sprang back to life, in all their vividness.  
    The young woman saw as a man, and woman, was on a bed, the woman on top, bucking up and down rather vigorously, her breasts bouncing.  Then the scene changed to two men by a lake.  A blonde man was up against a tree, his head thrown back, hands clutching the head of the man kneeling between his legs.  Alice groaned at this image, and her hands grasped the tabletop.  The moving pictures swirled again, and an image of two women filled the pages.  They were laying on a chaise, in the middle a beautiful garden, one woman behind the other, reaching over the other woman’s hip and slipping her fingers between her legs.
    Alice blinked, the moisture between her legs demanding a release.  She gasped when the faces of the two women were revealed—showing herself and the White Queen.  Before the realization of that fully hit her the women on the pages began to move.  Alice watched as she saw herself behind Mirana, lifting the other woman to her hands and knees, and then kneeling behind her.  The Alice on the moving pictures began to thrust against Mirana, revealing a perfect phallus slipping in and out.
    Alice cried out and backed up rather suddenly, causing the moving images to flare out completely.  The young woman’s breath was labored as she bent over slightly, trying to steady her breathing.  The young woman felt as if she was being exposed, one secret fantasy after another.  She felt her entire being lit up, and she needed to see more.  Alice stepped up to the book once again and watched as the scene remained as it was, only this time slowed down, to allow her to see all the sordid details.  
    She grabbed the table again, only this time, she let her right hand slide down her leg and grasp at the fabric of her dress.  As the image showed her slapping against Mirana, she pulled her dress up until she was able to reach between her own legs.  Her own wetness caused her to groan, and before long, her rhythm matched that of herself in the book.  Sweat clung to her brow, and her moans wrenched between clenched teeth. Alice bucked a final glorious time, and her climax sent her to the stars.
    Mirana looked up from her work to see a rather perturbed McTwisp tapping at his pocket watch.  She did her best not to show her aggravation.  “Yes, Nivens, what is it?”
    “Those treaty documents are late, Your Majesty.  The courier has been waiting for hours and is restless.”  The rabbit hopped up on her desk.
    The Queen rapped her feather pen on the table.  “It couldn’t be helped, Nivens.  Here, you see, my final signature.  They are finished.”  She handed the documents to the rabbit, a perfect smile on her face.
    Nivens bowed.  “Thank you, Your Majesty.”
    Mirana glanced at the rabbit again just as he went through the door.  “Have you seen Alice, McTwisp?”
    “At the library, My Liege.”
    The monarch sat back, she had sent Alice to the Library more than two hours hence, and wondered what could have captured her Champion’s attention for such a long time.  She did know that Alice loved to read, but also knew that the girl had other activities on her mind.  She got up and went in search for her Alice.
    Underland’s Champion found herself running—she did not know if she was running to or away from something.  All she knew was some part of her had exploded, and she needed to release the newfound energy within.  She ran until she thought that her energy was depleted, and collapsed on soft cushions.
    The White Queen meandered down the hallway, occasionally bumping into things, as her mind seemed to be reaching out and following an inner scent that was her Alice.  She rounded the same corner Alice did and stopped.  These doors were not usual ones one would use to access the main Library, but led to the antechambers that housed particular selections of books and parchments belonging to Kings and Queens of the past.  She tried to reach out and feel where her Champion would have gone to, only to find her thoughts focusing on one particular door.
    Mirana walked up to the door and turned the handle.  A waft of something familiar drifted out to her as she entered the darkened room.  She knew that this was a particular room she, herself, had yet to explore.  But the scent of Alice—whether it be in her mind or real—reached out to her and drew her in.  
    The White Queen looked around and was a little put off by the dusty, cramped room.  But something was tugging at her so she let her eyes follow.  She looked down and saw the footprints that had preceded her and knew, by instinct, that they were Alice’s.  Her eyes tracked them to the table at the center of room, and found the book she had given her Champion to return to the Library.  She frowned; it was not like Alice to be so hasty and careless.  As she picked up the book and was about to leave a familiar scent drifted up to her from another book on the table.  Her senses reeled somewhat, and she slowly reached out to the other book and blinked when it lit up as she opened it.
    The White Queen watched, with a particular amusement, as the erotic scenes were played out before her.  As she was about to close the book when something inside herself told her not to, and she was shown the same scenes that Alice had watched.  Her smile faded when she watched the two women on the pages; they grasped and moaned together.  Mirana felt her heart quicken as those two ethereal bodies writhed on the pages before her.  And she gasped audibly when one pulled the other up and began to grind from behind. 
    Mirana could not turn away as the ethereal women began to change, and then form into the exact likenesses of Alice and herself.  And when she spied a certain appendage on Alice that she had never seen before—the force of her arousal caused her to stagger backwards and clutch at the dark wooden bookshelves behind her.
    The White Queen looked down and closed her eyes, taking in everything.  She looked up and then brought the hand that had grasped that other book up to her nose, only in inhale the sweet aroma that was her Alice’s arousal.  Her eyes fluttered shut and she inhaled deeply, letting this new found knowledge percolate into her being.  Mirana let a slow smile light up her features, and then she chuckled.  So, her dear Champion had a secret—an extremely delicious clandestine desire.  She chuckled some more as a plan formed in her mind, and she left the room with a purpose.
    Alice had calmed down completely as she entered the chambers that she shared with her White Queen.  She threw her cloak down on the bed when she spied her beloved on the balcony, staring out into the late afternoon sky.  
    She smiled and walked up to her, encircling her waist from behind. Alice turned her head and rested it on Mirana’s back.  “How are you, My Queen?”
    Mirana tried to keep herself calm, but inwardly she was feeling her anticipation keenly.  “Oh, I am wonderful as always, my dear Alice.”
    Underland’s Champion smiled.  ‘I’m glad.”
    “Are you sure?”
    Alice lifted her head.  “Of course, why would I not be?”
    Mirana turned in Alice’s arms.  “You took an awfully long time at the Library, my love.  Were you having troubles?”
    The young woman swallowed.  “No, no troubles whatsoever, Your Majesty.”
    The White Queen lifted a brow at the honorific.  “There must have been something that delayed you.”
    Alice lowered her arms.  “Well, I did go for a run afterwards.”
    “After what?”
    “After I dropped off the book, My Liege.”
    Mirana could feel the tension growing, so she changed tactics.  “Would you like to have a glass of wine, my Champion?”
    Alice sighed.  “Of course, my Queen.”
    The White Queen took her Champion’s hand and led her over the chaise near the fireplace and poured two glasses from a rather ornate decanter.  “I hope you like it.”
    Alice sat down and sipped the wine.  “What is this, Mirana?  It’s not our favorite year.”
    “Yes, it is, Alice.  I just added a little something to—enhance the grape.”
    “Aren’t you having any?”
    “Not tonight.”
    The young woman yawned, and leaned back into the soft pillows.  “I’m a little sleepy, Mirana.”
    “It’s perfectly normal, Alice.”
    “Huh…” But Alice was already asleep.
    Alice awoke abruptly in the bed she shared with her beloved.  She inhaled deeply and attempted to sit up, but a hand at her shoulder prevented her from doing so.  “Mirana?”  She looked over to see Mirana naked in the bed beside her, leaning on her elbow, a mischievous smile on her lips.
    “How did I get here?”  Alice looked over at her White Queen.
    “I undressed you and carried you here.”
    Alice smiled.  “You did?  What do have in mind, My Queen?”

    “Only this.”  The White Queen let her arm run under the blankets, and she grasped, rather boldly, her Champion’s new flesh.
    Alice’s body jerked, and flew up into a sitting position, throwing the blankets off her.  “What…what is this?”
    Mirana continued to stroke her lover.  “It’s called a penis, Alice—or phallus, doesn’t matter.”
    Alice gaped at the new phallus between her legs, and let out a moan when it began to harden at Mirana’s touch.  “Why?  What did you do to me?
    The White Queen was not put off by the accusation.  “Just fulfilling your little secret, my love.”
    And then Alice knew.  Mirana had been to same room she had been in.  She had seen the book, in all its graphic detail, and spied on the set of images that had aroused her to new heights.  Alice looked down at herself again, and did not feel revulsion, but desire.  A desire that seemed to reach down into the core of her being, into those secret places where fantasies are real and dangerous—and the soul is unhinged.  
    Alice locked eyes with Mirana.  “You want this.”  It was not quite a command—but it was not a question, either.
    Mirana scooted closer to her Champion.  “In every way possible, Alice.”  She lifted her hip over Alice’s and straddled her, grasping the appendage as she did so.  “I’m going to guide you in me, my love.”
    Alice groaned and threw her head back as she felt Mirana’s warm wetness engulfed her.  And then the feeling doubled as her lover began to move her hips back and forth, causing a delicate friction that threatened to be her undoing…
    …Alice’s desire grew with each passing climax until she finally grabbed the White Queen and drew her up until she was onto her hands and knees.  The young woman dragged herself up behind her Queen and took hold of her own erection.  She plunged her new flesh into her beloved and began to thrust wildly.
    Mirana gasped at Alice’s boldness and panted when her lover grabbed a fistful of hair, and rode her like a prized stallion.  Mirana moaned with every thrust, every time Alice plunged deep inside her.  “Yes, Alice…oh, Alice…yes, yes…”
    Alice felt the building of delicious pleasure with every movement, until her groans matched those of her Queen’s.  Finally Alice grabbed hold of Mirana’s hips, and grunted one more time as climax overtook her, and she felt Mirana’s flesh twitch around her, and her Queen cried out as she did.

    Alice collapsed onto her queen and encircled her waist, the weight was too much for the spent monarch, and she fell to the soft cushions.  
    When Alice attempted to withdraw from her, Mirana protested.  "No, no... not yet.  Don't leave."
    Her Champion shivered as tiny drops of warm sweat rolled down her back.  "Oh, Mirana... it's still hard, I'm still..."
    The White Queen sighed, a new energy filling her.  "More?"
    Alice opened her eyes; it was dawn, or nearing.  She closed her eyes again and let her right hand travel down her body, but the penis was gone.  Her eyes snapped open, and she looked over to see her Queen watching her, and warm smile on her face.  “I don’t know what to say, Mirana.”
    The monarch sighed.  “You don’t have to say anything, my love.”
    Alice looked over to her beloved again.  “You are so good to me, my Queen.”
    “Maybe we ought to do that more often.”
    Underland’s Champion turned onto her side and gently touched her White Queen.  “Maybe not, Mirana. Unless you want to see me die an early death.”
    Mirana returned the gentle touch.  “Too intense?”
    “Well, maybe every now and then would be nice.”
    The White Queen turned onto her back and brought Alice’s head to lie on her shoulder.  “I love you, Alice.”
    Alice ran her hand gently down her Queen’s stomach.  “I love you, too, Mirana.”
    The White Queen gasped as Alice’s hand reached her lower abdomen.  She grasped the hand and held onto it.
    Alice lifted her head.  “Did I hurt you, Mirana?”
    “No, no you didn’t, Alice.  Just a little sore.”  Mirana continued to feel the sensations in her body, and if she didn’t know any better…
    They held onto each other and fell back into peaceful sleep, and Mirana smiled before entering Morpheus' realm, assured that something wonderful was to come of their passionate union.

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    The Alice Awards are now open!

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    The second annual aiw_big_bang  will be kicking off Aug 27th with author sign-ups.  The minimum word count is 10,000.  Check out the revised timeline and new FAQ here.  All versions of Alice will be welcome, as well as all pairings, genres, and ratings.  The more the merrier!

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  • 08/28/11--19:39: Ficlets and teacups
  • Author:anonymous_plume
    Fandom: Alice in Wonderland (2010)
    Title: A Contemplation of Teacups
    Rating: PG
    Warnings: Very mild adult situations? Or, none.
    Notes: Many thanks to just_a_dram for giving this a quick once over and providing lovely suggestions as always.
    Summary: The Hatter muses about the similarities between Alice and a much loved object in his life.

    “This way for Adam's Apples.”

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    Author: silent_remains
    Fandom:  Alice in Wonderland (2010)
    Rating:  PG--for extreme angst and hurt/comfort
    Warnings: MAlice 
    Notes: None to think of--but malice, malice, malice.
    Summary: Alice leaves Underland after slaying the Jabberwock, and Mirana is devastated.  Then Alice can't seem to remember where she has been.
    No… no… no…!

    Mirana watched helplessly as Alice began to vanish.  No!  Her beloved was leaving; there could be no mistaking the vision before her.  The pain was intense, liken to the death of a loved one.  One so dear that the heart remains broken, never to mend.  It penetrated to the core of her being and spread like a poison, deadening all the within that was pure and white and alive.  The White Queen shuddered from the impact of the sorrow, and felt it slowly creep up to entangle itself all around her—in and through and about.

    Stunned into silence, the White Queen continued to stare at the spot where her dear Alice had once stood.  “Alice…” A whisper.

    Tarrant stared at the spot, as well, before finally lifting is eyes.  They fell onto the Queen, and then he knew, beyond doubt, that Alice was more than Underland’s Champion.  “My Queen?”

    Mirana’s head snapped up, and her eyes bore into the Hatter’s, looking for an explanation, any elucidation that would help her make sense of it all.  “You asked her to stay… for you?”

    Tarrant trembled slightly, not knowing if the words were an accusation.  “Yes, My Queen.  She looked so confused, and I thought…” His speech faltered when he looked into Mirana’s eyes.  They were so full of pain, and hurt.

    The White Queen looked away, her features softening.  She could not blame the Hatter for loving Alice, because loving Alice was so right, so sweet.  “Tarrant, will you see to things for awhile, I need…to be alone.”
    The hatter nodded, and quickly gave orders to McTwisp concerning the scattered armies.  They began to line up in their previous formations, and then turned for the long march back to Marmoreal.  The Tweedles attended to the Bandersnatch while Chessur gathered the Red Knights in back of the main formation of White Knights.
    Mirana walked slowly to her horse, but refused assistance to mount the beast.  She just stared at it, dumbfounded, bewildered—momentarily frozen in time, as if death touched her.  She looked up to see Tarrant turn away from her.  

    He took his place at the front of the procession and gave the signal to march.
    The Queen watched as the victors left the field, not noticing how the grass was starting to grow again, or the flowers, long dead, restoring to the world in all their beauty.  The gray clouds dissipated slowly into small wisps, only to vanish completely.  Underland was healing, but not for her.  A coldness settled into her when the sun finally shone, its brilliance muted by her grief.  Alice…
    The White Queen was dimly aware that the screams were coming from her own mouth—wailing and lamentations—for the one that had rescued her heart from herself, the one that had brought light and helped her to dispel her inner darkness. A Champion—no, her Champion. She vaguely remembered to breathe, her shrieking robbing her of much needed air.  Alice…
    Mirana stopped screaming and let her head fall onto the beast in front of her.  Her army was vanishing into the horizon, and soon she would be alone—completely alone.  “Why…why did you leave me?”
    A question sent out to the lands beyond, but no voice was there to answer.  There was no recompense for her shattered heart; her debt was sealed, paid with by her own tears—and painfully clear that there would be no one to help wipe them away. Her fate forged by anguish and bitterness; her victory hollow and mocking.  If Iracebeth could see her now, she surely would have claimed victory. Alice…
    The White Queen took her horse by the reins, and slowly followed those before her.
    Alice Kingsleigh fought with herself—her inner voice pulling her into two different directions.  She had welcomed Ascot’s invitation to see the world, and was looking forward to it with pure delight.  But, a nagging feeling pulled her.  Something was wrong.  An inner voice was demanding that something be remembered, a thing that happened before turning down Hamish’s offer of marriage.  But whatever had happened before was fading away, despite her best efforts to remember.
    Alice sighed as the carriage pulled up to the estate.  “Are you okay, mother?”
    Helen Kingsleigh looked at her daughter for a few moments before speaking.  “You embarrassed me today, Alice.”
    The young woman flinched.  “I’m sorry.”
    “What happened to you today?”
    “I…don’t know.  All I know is that I cannot marry Hamish.”

    “Your father…”
    “My father would have wanted me to follow my own path!” Alice snapped.
    Helen continued to stare at her daughter.  “What happened today, Alice?”
    Alice took hold of the doorknob and stepped out of the carriage.  “I’m tired, I’m going to bed.  Goodnight.”

    Alice stared out of her window at the approaching night.  She could hear muffled voices, coming from somewhere else in the house and knew that despite her weariness, sleep would be difficult this night.  Her hand rested on the window.  “What is it, Alice?  What can’t I remember?”  A dragonfly flew past her window.
    The rocking horse flies flew past her nose…
    The young woman jumped, startled by a sudden feeling of recognition.  “Alice, remember…” She waited for something, anything to dispel the feeling that something was teetering of the fringes of her memory.  But nothing came to her.
    Alice sighed again and rested her forehead on the window, closing her eyes, letting the weariness of the day catch up to her.
    White… everything is white…everything, but her mouth…
    Alice groaned as her eyes snapped open, the vision receding as quickly as it arose.  She placed her other hand on the window and felt a single tear slowly fall down her pink cheek.

    “Where’s Lowell?”
    Margaret looked up from her knitting.  “Not here, mother.  I think he’s at a Bag o’Nails, or something of similar low rank.”
    Helen smiled at her eldest, and took the seat opposite her at the fireplace.  She picked up her own sewing.  “I worried about Alice.”
    “She was in such a queer mood, wasn’t she?  Could she be ill?”
    “I don’t know.  She refuses to talk about what’s troubling her.”
    Margaret sipped some tea.  “Sometimes I think we are what’s troubling her.”
    “Oh, I don’t quite follow.”
    “I didn’t really notice, but I suspected,” Margaret began.  “Mother, Alice is terribly unhappy.”
    “I don’t understand.  She wants for nothing, has every advantage that a young woman would want.”  Helen put down her knitting.
    “But that’s it, mother, I don’t think that Alice wants what most young women want.” Margaret frowned.  “At least, not what we a taught to want.”
    “Perhaps I’ve been too lenient with her fancies.  Perhaps I ought to insist she marry Hamish.”  The elder Kingsleigh sighed, resigning herself to worry.
    Margaret stood.  “Here, let me take that to the kitchen.”  She picked up her mother’s empty teacup and walked slowly away.  She was just as troubled as her mother, but for completely different reasons.  She had always known that her sister was different, not made of the same stuff that most other young ladies were made of—her wants were different, and so were her needs.  She scorned convention, and all the trappings of a proper young lady. And, Margaret knew, deep in her heart, that one day Alice would leave to find her destiny, never to return.
    I’d hoped to have a Champion by now.  
    The look pained, boring into her, pleading…
    Alice shot up in bed and clutched her heart, sweat pouring off her, breathing labored.  “Champion…” What was…was she?  Was she a champion?  A champion of what?
    The young woman tossed the blankets aside and swung her legs over the side of the bed.  She used her sleeve to wipe perspiration from her brow.  “What’s the matter with me?”
    She was trembling, as a memory struggled to rise to the surface.  Alice closed her eyes and tried to get her breathing under control.  She felt the tug.  There were other times, she realized, when she needed to get her breathing under control, because looking at her…
    Alice’s eyes snapped open.  “Looking at her?”  She shook her head.  “Looking at her.”  A twinge, a slight tingling at the thought.  “Looking at… her.”
    The young woman closed her eyes again.  This time there was no doubt she was experiencing a memory.  The whitest complexion, blonde hair so light that it shone white, dark brown eyes that seemed to reach into her soul, and deep red lips that needed to be kissed.
    Then it hit her, slamming into her with the force of thunder.  “Mirana!  I left you!  Oh, my god, what was I thinking!”
    Alice remembered everything—Underland, the Hatter, Salazen Grum, Marmoreal—and Mirana, the White Queen, her beloved.  With the memories came feelings, most profound, and with the feelings came an image.  One so sweet that it burned at her eyes, and tore a sob from her throat.  Mirana—her White Queen—with her in bed, straining at each other in glorious passion.
    Alice collapsed onto her knees and quickly covered her mouth with a hand, concealing her sobs from the rest of the house, no doubt asleep by now.  She needed to act, and quickly, before her resolve faltered.  Wiping her eyes, she got up and went to her closet, selecting what she would need for her journey back.
    The house was mostly dark, except for a few candles here and there to light the way.  Alice was dressed in black trousers that had belonged to her father, a plain gray waistcoat that covered a simple white shirt, and carried a large overcoat.  She found her way to the pantry door and resolved to exit the house from there.
    “I’ve been expecting you.”  A delicate hand struck a flint and then lit a single candle.
    The young woman reeled, and found herself face to face with her sister.  “Margaret, I…”
    Her older sister smiled, and then walked up to her and placed a finger on her lips.  “No need for explanations, Alice.  I will miss you, however.”
    Alice could only stare, mouth agape.  “How…”
    “You are not the only brilliant one in this family, Alice.  But, perhaps, you are the one with the most courage.”
    The young blonde nodded, and quite suddenly, grabbed her sister and held her tightly.  “I’m sorry to leave, but I must.”
    Margaret felt a single tear fall.  “I know.  Don’t worry; I will make it all right with mother, Alice.  You must do what you are meant to do.  And, who knows, some day we may meet again.”
    Alice considered this, and nodded again.  “Perhaps.  I love you, Margaret.”
    “I love you, too, little sister.”  Margaret smiled at her younger sister before turning around and heading to bed.
    Alice watched as her sister disappeared from view.  Then she took a moment to let her eyes wander over the kitchen, and tried to memorize every line, every little bit of a place that she once loved.  The young woman took a final look once she was outside, and smiled to herself as she did so.  She believed in impossible things, and felt that if she did ever return to this place, there was someone she would like to bring along with her.
    The White Queen silently wandered the hall to her own chambers, glad that the Hatter had seen to matters of state and let her alone to grieve.  She was desolate inside, all manner of feeling gone, and a minor copy of herself.  Somewhere, she was vaguely aware that Tarrant was hurting almost as much as she, but she could offer him no sympathies, as her heart had none to give.  All frivolity was gone, her arms no longer held up, but sagging to her dress, too heavy to bear the heavy load she was carrying.
    Mirana reached her door and dragged it open, only to collapse onto it once it closed.  The tears that she had been holding in were finally released, and she wept bitter tears.  It was then that she realized she was not alone.  Someone stood in the middle of the room, and was reaching out to her with an opened hand.  
    The White Queen wiped at her tears.  “I’m sorry, but I wish to be alone so off with you.  You have no right being in my chamber!”
    “Do you really want me to leave, Mirana?”
    The monarch’s head snapped up at that voice, and her breathing stopped.  “A… Alice?”
    Underland’s Champion strode up to her White Queen until they were merely inches apart.  “Yes.”
    Mirana collapsed into her Champion’s arms.  “How… how are you here?  I watched you go!  You left me.”  She wept.
    Alice could no longer keep her feelings in check, and she cried along with her beloved.  “I’m sorry… I’m sorry… I don’t know why I did it!  I acted the fool, and I don’t know why!  But I love you, my Queen.  I’m never going to leave you again.  I promise!”
    And Alice Kingsleigh was home; safe in the arms of the one she would love forever.  There would be time, later, to sort through the pain and heartache and come to reconciliations, but that time was not now.  There was a gentle soul in her arms that needed her touch, and she vowed never to let go.  This was where her life would be, no matter how many days were left to her, or to what sorrows the future might bring.  Mirana was her beloved, her lover, the other half of her soul.  Never again would they be parted.
    Alice guided the fragile soul over to the bed and let go.  “I’m just going to…”
    Mirana grabbed her and didn’t let go.  “No, please, don’t leave.”
    The Champion smiled and gently touched her White Queen.  “I was going to say I’m just taking off my coat.”  She did, and threw it on the floor.  “Come, my Queen, I think we both need to sleep.  I promise you we’ll talk later.”
    The White Queen allowed herself to be settled onto the bed, and reveled at the feel of Alice wrapping her arms around her.  “Forever, my Champion.”
    Alice felt her eyes closing.  “Forever.”

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    The [info]aiw_big_bang is looking for betas and artists.  There are a large range of fandoms and crossovers from which to choose.  Consider lending a hand and joining the fun!  Sign ups continue through October 24th.

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    The rest are here at my journal :)

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